Gazebo Gazette

The 6th Grade Journey Gifted Education Students at PCMS hosted “Market Day” on campus on December 3rd, 2020. Preparations for Market Day started months ago; the project started with students researching several successful entrepreneurs throughout history.

After this, students had to think and work creatively with a “business partner” to brainstorm an original prototype that they would like to create. Students even went through a “Shark Tank” process in which they promoted their product by clearly communicating why students would love to buy it.

Finally, after approval, students mass produced and sold their products to kindergarten through sixth graders on Thursday.

Through this process, students have come to an understanding of financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy.

The ultimate goal is for students to make appropriate personal economic choices, understand the role of the economy in society, and use entrepreneurial skills to enhance workplace productivity and career options.

All in all, Market Day is an incredible opportunity for students to practice valuable life skills that will benefit both them and their community in years to come.

Congratulations to these young entrepreneurs and their teacher, Sarah Badeaux, for making this special day a success and the funds collected from this project will go to fund PCMS house system rewards and future Journey projects.