by Calvin Ishee

In spite of looking tired and haggard from sleepless hours dealing with Hurricane Zeta’s damages, the Pass Christian Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott and his department heads showed up to take care of business at Tuesday’s Pass Christian Board of Alderman meeting.

Pass Christian residents with golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LOVs) can now legally operate on City streets provided they register their cart/vehicle and pay a one time fifty dollar registration fee. The City also developed City Ordinance 680 that ensures full compliance with state law HB 1468.

Furthermore the City adopted City Ordinance 681 setting the state mandated speed limit of 25 miles per hour on West North Street between Henderson Avenue and Cedar Avenue, Everett Street and Saint Louis.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances it looks like the City will be celebrating its annual Christmas in the Pass.   

The Board unanimously approved a request to allow Christmas in the Pass to take place December 4th and 5th 2020. Several street closures will occur on both dates between 4 and 9 pm.

Those include the 100 and 200 blocks of Davis Avenue,  the West edge of Second Street from City Parking Lot to Fleitas Avenue and Scenic Drive from Memorial Park to west side of Hancock Whitney Bank.

In other Hurricane Zeta related actions the Board approved waiving utility fees for boat owners in the Pass Christian Harbor as well as permit fees for roofing companies working in the Pass to conduct timely repairs to roofs damaged by the storm.

Although boats can now return to the Harbor, boat owners will not have utilities available to them.

Fire Chief Dwight Gordon made it clear that the harbor wasn’t officially open for business, the City was just allowing boats to return to the harbor.

The Board approved spending your money to purchase a Cold Planer 2590 attachment at a cost of $10,043.26 from Puckett Machinery and a Claims Docket of $445,623.48.