Gazebo Gazette

Did you know 49% of our electricity bills are for heat and air conditioning? 16% water heaters, 11% appliances, 4% lighting, 4% computers and TVs?

Fourth graders at DeLisle Elementary School learned how to reduce their parents’ electricity bills through a virtual presentation on energy efficiency from Mississippi Power.

Presenter, Tamara Proctor, shared several helpful tips to conserve energy with students such as keeping the thermostats set to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter months.

She also gave a word of advice: treat ceiling fans like lights–if you’re not in the room, turn them off.

They don’t cool a room; they only circulate the air.

Following the presentation, each student received a kit with 12 year energy efficient light bulbs, timers for the shower, night lights, and a thermometer.