by Hunter Dawkins

The Harrison County Interim Tax Collector Sharon Nash Barnett was overwhelmingly chosen Tuesday, November 24 to complete the term left by David LaRosa as the Tax Collector.  Barnett received 10,856 votes or 84.6% over Harrison County Board of Supervisors President Connie Rockco who finished with 1,970 votes or 15.3%.

Barnett won all 53 precincts in the second largest county of Mississippi.  “Thank you to the Harrison County Taxpayers for the unbelievable outpouring of support,” stated Barnett.  “I knew we had a great chance to win, but to win in a landslide is completely overwhelming and I’ve promised to be a tax collector who is available, accessible, and there for every single taxpayer throughout our county.”

After LaRosa’s resignation on March 31, Barnett was appointed by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to fill the position at an interim level.  According to officials at the time, Barnett stated her intention would not be to run for the position in the general election.

With Barnett entering the race against four other candidates before the deadline set, she along with Harrison County District 5 Supervisor Connie Rockco secured enough votes in the November 3 election to force a runoff.

District 5 Supervisor Connie Rockco has served on the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for over 20 years and will continue in her elected position.

“It was very quiet race where two precincts in Long Beach had machines temporary problems, but it was taken care of by the county workers,” said Harrison County Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner.  “No voting was stopped and no phone calls to ask questions about where do I go vote.”