Angie Johnson is sworn-in as Long Beach Ward 3 Alderwoman by Mississippi State Representative Richard Bennett of District 120 (R-Long Beach) at the city hall Tuesday, October 6, 2020. (Hunter Dawkins/The Gazebo Gazette via AP)

by Hunter Dawkins

With a ceremonial ratification for filling the vacancy in Ward 3 of Long Beach, former school board member and long-time Memorial Hospital employee Angie Johnson was ratified to take the position.  Johnson was unopposed when completing the qualification paper to fill the Alderman slot following the resignation of Kelly Griffin on September 1.

Mississippi State Representative of District 120 and the House Education Committee Chairman Richard Bennett from Long Beach swore Johnson in under oath before the monthly meeting.

After the board approved the cancellation of the Port Commission minutes on September 17 due to potential problems with Hurricane Sally, the aldermen unanimously accepted the resignation of the Port Commission President Phil Kies.

Kies asked the Long Beach Mayor George Bass to demolish the commission due to their lack of attendance and advisory role.  The Long Beach Port Commission was demoted to an advisory role after the Mississippi State Legislature took the regulatory power away in 2016.

Bass brought this for a roll call vote from the Board of Aldermen, who voted 5-2 to dismantle the commission with Aldermen Bernie Parker and Ron Robertson dissenting. The city of Long Beach had the last port commission of Harrison County.

When Bass asked Long Beach Harbormaster Bill Angley if there was another resource that could help provide oversight, he expressed a committee of individuals be set up to hear community problems from the harbor and make recommendations to the board.

A subcommittee was set up and approved with three aldermen, which would establish exactly what Angley requested.  The three Long Beach Aldermen on the subcommittee were Timothy McCaffrey, Bernie Parker, and Ron Robertson.