by Calvin Ishee

To borrow a great line from the movie Jerry McGuire, “You had me at hello.”

That’s exactly what happened when I just happened to come across a video on Facebook called “Jesus and Alcohol”.

It featured three beautiful and extremely talented singers as well as Mr ZZ Top himself, Billy Gibbons.

That group is the one and only Chapel Hart from the great state of Mississippi. Trea Swindle, Danica Hart and Devynn Hart are taking the country music scene by storm and seem destined for stardom.

Prior to this weekends shows at The Whiskey Bar in The Pass, I had the opportunity to ask them a couple of questions:

Calvin Ishee: Who’s you’re favorite musical artist and why? Why country music?

Trea Swindle: “It’s almost like asking us why we breath air. It’s kind of like a part of life”. Johnny Cash will always be at the top of my list. I like the old school country music”

Devynn Hart: “I would say that my favorite artist is Gretchen Wilson just because she has the attitude and the way she carries herself.”

Danica Hart: “I just love, love, love…I grew up where my Dad would take me on a ride in the car and we’d listen to Kenny Rogers, George Jones, Shania Twain and Garth Brooks. My Mom got me a Gretchen Wilson CD and that was all she wrote. We were like some red neck hippies bumpin Gretchen Wilson”.

CI: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Devynn: “ The majority of our inspiration comes from life experiences. We’ve all been through so many different things in our lives and it makes it easy to convey it through music and I think that’s why it’s easy for people to relate to our songs.”

CI: How important is your faith to you?

Devynn: “It’s very important to us. We all grew up in the church, our Grandfather was a pastor, some of our uncles are pastors. We’ve always been in church and God has always been a part of our lives.”

Danica: “On the other side of faith we believe in the unseen.” During the challenges of COVID, when there wasn’t a lot of work we had to rely on faith 1,000 percent.”

Trea: “I feel like every move we’ve made was purely a faith move. Because financially and geographically it doesn’t make sense but those small moments of believing and going and every single time they turn out okay.”

CI: What is the one thing that fans may not know about you that you’d like to share?

Danica: “I’m an ordained minister so if you need me, I can marry them or bury them.”

Devynn: “Mine is a little more serious. I guess I would want fans to know, I am a person who suffers from depression and anxiety. I want the fans know that I’m always available to talk. If I can help anyone, it’s okay, we’re going to get through it.”

In closing, I remember many years ago I heard stories of what it was like to see Elvis perform on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, before he made it big.

Well here’s your opportunity to see a band that’s destined for stardom, before they’re too big to play in small venues.

Just a brief shoutout to Mary-Catherine Scriber, owner of The Whiskey Bar for giving us the opportunity to see Chapel Hart perform “live in Pass Christian”.