by Calvin Ishee

At 3 pm on Saturday the Pass Christian Board of Alderman declared a local emergency in preparation for Tropical Depression 19, also known as Sally. Although subject to change, Tropical Storm Sally is expected to reach the Mississippi Gulf Coast on or around September 15th.

Although a mandatory evacuation order has not been given for the Pass Christian Harbor, boat owners have been notified about this storm and have been encouraged to voluntary evacuate the harbor.

Preparedness efforts for water be it rainfall, river flooding, flash flooding for Tropical Storm Sally as she SLOWLY moves toward the northern  Gulf of Mexico is a major concern.  Low areas that flood during higher tides and Storm Surge NEED to start or start completely actions on Sunday Evening.

Currently 6-9 feet, and not including wave actions.  Boats and Harbors should be completing effort before Monday.

Please stay tuned in to The Gazebo Gazette and other local media for updates. Citizens are encouraged to prepare accordingly, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.