Gazebo Gazette

In an announcement from the Long Beach School District to the parents and community:

“After consulting with the Mississippi Department of Health, the LBSD will be quarantining all LBMS students beginning September 30th and ending October 13th. Students return on October 14th. Currently, 15 students have tested positive and 165 students are quarantined. These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school. The MDH guidance we received today is to quarantine the entire school building when 33 % of students have tested positive and/or have been exposed to positive cases. All students will begin distance learning as soon as possible. Students and parents will be notified when to pick up technology devices by the school administration and all instructional guidance will be forthcoming by the staff at LBMS. All staff at the middle school will report to work each day and will be fully accessible to parents and students via email, phone, or virtual conferencing. Parents should contact the school directly at 2288643370 should you have any questions related to this closure or the academic expectations of your child during quarantine.”

Any additional questions, please contact the Long Beach School District at (228)864-1146.