by Joy Thornton

Undoubtedly, the drum major is the face of a marching band.

They must know how to conduct themselves and their fellow band members in a way that allows them to perform to the best of their ability.

Someone that embodies such leadership is Pass High’s drum major for the 2020-21 marching season, Ka’Trina Larry. Ka’Trina auditioned for drum major every year of high school and finally got the chance to shine this year.

She didn’t get to where she is now without the support of her biggest inspiration.

Ka’Trina remarks, “My biggest role model is my mother. Just like me, she was a drum major at Pass High from the Class of 1995. She has persevered through so much, yet she has remained strong. She encouraged me to push through and never quit.”

This attitude is what’s keeping her going this marching season. Although the band is still performing at halftime on Friday nights, they do not get to compete against other marching bands at their evaluation because of safety measures taken.

Ka’Trina was looking forward to leading her band at evaluation this year, but she will continue to conquer the field one performance at a time.