Gazebo Gazette

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors recently set the millage rate and authorized the Fiscal Year 2021 budget. The proposed budget has a total projected revenue of about $118 million. The FY 2021 budget includes the operating budgets for the more than 60 individual Harrison County departments, courts, and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

$65.8 million of the revenues is from ad valorem tax levy, $23.8 million in state and federal revenue, and $16.5 million is in revenue like fines and forfeitures, and charges for services.

The County’s expenditures are primarily for general government, public safety, public works, culture and recreation, health and welfare, and debt service.

For the 2021 budget, the County has allocated an ad valorem tax millage to the following entities:

  • State Port of Gulfport $950,000
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College $10,466,586
  • Gulf Coast Mental Health $1.5 million
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit $639,000
  • Mississippi Department of Public Health $480,500
  • Humane Society of South Mississippi about $214,000 for a three-year contract
  • Harrison County Library System $929,000

There is no county-wide millage increase as the millage rate remains the same at 36.42 mills.

The budget goes into effect Oct. 1, 2020.