by Hunter Dawkins

As has been the case throughout most of the current administration in Long Beach, several property concerns were brought up and handled at last Tuesday’s board of aldermen meeting in city hall.

At the beginning, four public hearings were brought to the floor with the first approving the tax levies and final budget to the city in the 2020-21 fiscal year.  Following the closure and approval of the potential adoption on September 1, a parcel of property on Pineville Road owned by Nadean Saucier was address on the state of menace to public health and safety to the community.

Deputy City Clerk and Certified Financial Officer Kini Gonsoulin reported the city sent certified mail to warn of the potential adjudication of this property and could impose a penalty of $1500 or 50% of the cleaning cost by Long Beach.

After the board was given photos of the the property, Saucier came forward to explain the progress of cleaning the property and requested additional time for compliance with the city.  The board unanimously granted Saucier a 60 day extension to complete the sanitation.

The last two with public hearing were at E 5th Street and N Nicholson Avenue.  Although neither had owners or representatives present, the property at E 5th Street was recognized as being compliant while the N Nicholson domicile will be adjudicated by the city with unanimous board approval.

With the close of the public hearings, other properties such as 1100 W Railroad Street assessed to Affordable Investments Prop LLC was declared compliant by the board, Lawler Avenue owned by the Ashe family received an additional 60 days to bring their property compliant, and another property on Allen Road would not need a public hearing due to non-compliance issue handled by the Building Department.

A final public hearing was set for September 15 on another Pineville Road property belong to the Alexander family for a state of uncleanliness as to constitute a menace to public health and safety to the Long Beach community.

Another important action adopted by the board of aldermen was the scope of work for the Greenvale Restoration Project (Quarles House), which the city received $2 million from the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund to improve the W.J. Quarles House.  This building was the oldest building in the Friendly City and provide a welcome venue which will be used to benefit the community.  Additionally, this building will be used to host community events, educational opportunities, and display works of local artists.

In other actions, changes were made by the board to increase the required insurance for special event applications from $500,000 to $1,000,000, proof of insurance must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event, contracts were approved with Sanico, two interlocal governmental cooperation agreements with Harrison County, two contracts adopted for electronic book services at the Long Beach Library, a Gateway Project Fee amendment, and allowing a contract with Pickering Firm Inc. to provide engineering services for the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) funded Long Beach Watershed Detention/Retention Project.

The Long Beach Board of Aldermen meeting is scheduled for September 1 at 5pm in city hall.