by Calvin Ishee

Somewhere around 7:30 pm on Sunday evening, the boat Aqua Therapy left the Long Beach Harbor headed for safer waters. Unfortunately the 30 plus foot boat encountered mechanical problems and was forced to tie up at the Pass Christian Fishing Pier.

Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott, Harbor Master Marty Tiller, and the Pass Christian Police and Fire Departments responded to the emergency. According to the boat’s Captain, J-Bird, they were on their way to the Pass Christian Harbor to get gas before heading to another location to keep the boat safe during the upcoming storms.

Unfortunately the boat was encountering 2 -3 foot swells while trying to fix the diesel engines. Of great concern was the potential damage the boat could do to the four hundred thousand dollar fishing pier. As the boat thrashed about yanking, rolling back and forth and putting a great deal of pressure on the pier, recreational fishermen were evacuated from the pier.

After over an hour of dealing with rough water and multiple tries, both diesel engines finally fired up and Captain J-Bird was able to safely maneuver the boat away from the fishing pier. Last seen the boat was headed towards the Pass Christian Harbor to get gas and head out for an unknown safe location.