by Hunter Dawkins

When it comes to my professional life, the title or “figure of speech” directly correlates to my presence on this planet.

Unlike the rest of my family on both sides, I was at a loss for what I was really “good” at.

I have unsuccessfully attempted numerous careers; which I love (such as being a teacher/coach, a governmental worker, campaign manager, and dabbled in the legal occupation), but wasn’t above average at any field.

Perhaps this is the reason I have taken a quality interest in this community newspaper.

Journalism; as a whole, proclaims the willingness to keep important information in the public eye.

The newspaper industry (which is completely separate from journalism) should be the spotlight for providing this message as a finished product.

The media (as a whole) has become a demise from the general public; largely because of control from the private sector by large corporate companies and the ability to deliver any statements on social media without sources or proper research.

Even some local affiliates have fallen; in this context, because of corporate management or social media trends.

Although it’s questionable to consider myself a veteran at anything, my years of experience in the newsprint industry has led me to determine one true aspect of the business world:  Provide more local news, stories or other incentives to keep the residents coming back.

The political, scandalous, celebrity and professional sports news can be read anywhere, but print journalism is defined by the attention paid to the features, prep and recreational athletics, school events, municipal or county meetings and local crimes.  As much as people hate to see this or complain about these factors, paper copies are a lot slimmer when they are in the newspaper.

As I routinely site a statement from one of my favorite legendary reporters; Sally Ann Roberts, “trust your local journalists because they work hard for you.”

Never have I ever felt a more accurate context about what I believe in and what my position is founded on.

Even though I work harder than I ever have, spend a lot less time with my family, and have not established any sense of normalcy in the last 7 years (since becoming a journalist); I acknowledge that my coverage, stories, ads, legal notices, and subscriptions are a sense of purpose in having insight over every issue.

With this quality, the community will be sufficient and the paper effective.

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