Gazebo Gazette

The Secretary of State’s Office is proud to announce the transfer of 12 parcels to the City of Diamondhead to assist with drainage improvements near the Coon Branch area (see map attached).

“Our office made a trip to view the property, and all parties agreed the lots were not well suited for development,” said Secretary of State Michael Watson. “I appreciate Mayor Schafer and Diamondhead City Manager, Mike Reso, for being so attentive and proactive. Our office is committed to doing more for Mississippians, and I truly believe this decision will help ease the worries of residents nearby and protect the surrounding property for years to come.”

The 12 parcels were officially transferred on July 15, 2020, and have a combined market value of $86,250.00.

“The goal is to use these lots for drainage and to prevent new construction on the parcels since they are located in areas that are prone to flooding,” said Diamondhead Mayor Thomas Schafer. “We thank Secretary Watson for donating these lots to the city, as they will undoubtedly help with flood control measures. This donation is a big win for taxpayers, and this is a great example of government working for the community.”

Mississippi Code Annotated §29-1-21 provides for the intergovernmental transfer of tax-forfeited lands.  For more information about tax-forfeited properties, visit the Secretary of State’s website or call the Public Lands Division at (601) 359-5156.

Recently, the Secretary of State’s Chief of Staff Keith Davis submitted his resignation and will be replaced by the deputy Carla Thornhill.  Davis has accepted a position as Deputy Commissioner of Operations with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

“Six months doesn’t seem like a long time; however, my time at the Secretary of State’s Office (SoS) will never be forgotten,” said Davis. “I truly enjoyed every single moment working with the men and women who make up the office. I learned so much during my tenure, and I credit that to the Secretary and his team. My decision to leave did not come easy.”

Davis joined the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office in January and was instrumental in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic  and oversaw the creation of the task force.