Gazebo Gazette

According to Long Beach School District Superintendent Dr. Jay Smith at their recent board of trustees meeting:

“Although Mississippi public school district have received “guidance” from the Mississippi Department of Education, the Department of Health, and the Center for Disease control at this time, it is the sole responsibility of local school boards to determine the policies and procedures to operate local school districts as related to COVID-19.  The intent of the release of this document is to give parents and students as much information as possible in a precise and ease to read format.  It is NOT written to answer every what if or suppose this scenario.  It is an impossibility to produce  such as document that answers every question and/or every situation as related to the re-opening of school.  However, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal or the central office for specific question.  All policies are subject to compliance with federal and state law.”

Follow the document below to read the changes: