by Hunter Dawkins

At last Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting in Long Beach, a final adoption of a Memorandum Agreement with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the Phase I Environmental Study of the Beatline Parkway Project occurred.  This is the first step taken since the project was approved by the city in February of 2018.  After months of travel and persuasion by officials, the city accepted a new ordinance that would ratify the agreement with MDOT moving the project forward.

Additionally, the city approved an application for Emergency Watershed Protection Assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to restore damages from the January 2020 extreme rainfall, which impacted Long Beach Roads, Utilities and other structures.

Finally, Long Beach agreed to another agreement between the city and the Mississippi Library Commission for a state aid grant.  The Long Beach Public Library received $23,015.88 from this state for both health and life insurance.

In other actions, deliberation about removal of a magnolia tree on Pineville Road was presented where the location and contribution of this caused drainage problems.  Following the discussion, the board approved removal while granting Harrison County the ability to use the Long Beach Sportsplex.

Before recess, the city authorized Overstreet & Associates to perform and update on the Long Beach Harbor Master plan after City Engineer David Ball gave officials his recommendation.

Both Aldermen Timothy McCaffrey and Tricia Bennett were on conference call for the meeting.  The next of the Long Beach Board of Aldermen will be on August 4 at 5pm in city hall.