Gazebo Gazette

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors and the county Fire & Rescue Chief Pat Sullivan were pleased to announce that several Harrison County fire-grading districts have received a boost in ratings from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau Monday morning.

The Mississippi State Rating Bureau rates the state’s fire-grading districts on a scale of 1-10, with a one being the ideal rating. The ratings have a direct impact on the insurance rates paid by homeowners. The fire insurance rating, according to, is based on several factors including firefighter response time, training, keeping of records, and response distance.

In the latest round of evaluations, grading districts of Saucier, Lizana, North Woolmarket, and Cuevas, received a rating upgrade from a seven to a six. This will mean a decrease in insurance rates for homeowners who are served by these districts.

“We’ve been working with the employees of our full-time, 24-hour fire stations in Harrison County to improve our ratings by making sure the equipment is in good working condition and that it’s the right equipment for the community,” Sullivan said. “We’re also getting our training and education elevated in the area to have our team better trained to respond to emergencies – all of these things helped in getting a rating decrease. We are the only county to have all of our unincorporated fire-grading districts rated a six.”

Board President Connie Rockco, who has a background in emergency services, praised Harrison County Fire Services for the ratings upgrade.

“We want to congratulate Chief Sullivan and his staff for their hard work,” she said. “We encourage the homeowners that live in these districts to contact their insurance agents and let them know about the changes.”