Gazebo Gazette

Gulfport Behavioral Health System is pleased to announce the expansion of its inpatient and outpatient services with refinement of its Addiction Therapy that has a new Gambling Addiction track and the addition of a Mental Health Trauma Track.

The addition and refinement of these services fill a need that has been expressed by the mental health professionals of the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well as Gulfport Behavioral’s extended community.

The addition of a specific Gambling Addiction component to Gulfport Behavioral’s current addiction therapy programs will help individuals deal with their needs to gamble, the impacts it has had on their lives and put them on a solid road to personal recovery.

The Mental Trauma Therapy service allows those clients that have experienced significant events in their life, which create stress and anxiety to the point their daily activities and interactions are impacted, to receive treatment that will include intensive inpatient and outpatient care. The treatment process will help individuals break through, identify coping skills to avoid triggers and begin finding HOPE for a better future.

Mental health traumas can include the effects of major accidents or events, natural disasters, pandemics, personal attacks and more.

Each of these programs will be overseen by a therapists/providers certified in Mental Trauma or Gambling Addiction.

“We have remained open and fully operational through the pandemic when many other mental health facilities cut back or shut down,” said Loyal Ownes, CEO, Gulfport Behavioral Health System. “During this time, we were able to work with our existing patients, mental health professionals, staff and community leaders to identify programs to serve the highest need. Adding the Mental Trauma Therapy and expanding our Addiction Therapy further with the inclusion of Gambling Therapy program continues our commitment to ensuring individuals can receive quality mental health care they need right here in our community.”.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed due to a Mental Trauma, Gambling issues or any other mental health condition or you would like additional information, please call Gulfport Behavioral Health System at 800-731- 1700. Gulfport Behavioral Health System is open 24 hours a day seven days a week and offers a NO-Cost mental health assessment.