Gazebo Gazette

At around 4:15pm on Thursday, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Officer responded to a call that a group of five were caught in strong currents while swimming near the Bells Ferry Bridge in the Wolf River outside Long Beach.  Four of these individuals made it ashore, but one got caught under this current that was a result of the recent rain, according to county officials.

“There were four agencies conducting a search for the victim, but the current was very strong,” said Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer.  “The morning tide will not change, so we should just drag the bottom to continue the search Friday morning.”

Officials confirmed the identification of the missing individual as a young man in his 20’s.  Once the body is found, the death substantiated and the family is notified, more information will be released.

Switzer confirmed this being about the same location and cause for the tragic death last year of Long Beach High School Senior Peyton Henson.  Similarly, Henson’s body was caught in the strong current where he drowned.

The Harrison County Sheriff Department, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Marine Patrol, the Harrison County Fire & Rescue and the Gulfport Police Department’s Dive Team were all is search for the victim.  Bells Ferry Road was shut off for about five hours Thursday and should be closed Friday morning to finish the search.