by Joy Thornton

The Pass Christian School Board held their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 9 at the central office in DeLisle while continuing to use video conference and live streaming services for the viewing of the community.

Between financial reports and personnel changes came the discussion of insurance quotes, and the reopening of the Pass Christian school district for the 2020-2021 school year.

Currently, there are three major options on how students will resume school in the fall. Option one entails a traditional return to school, the second would allow half of the student body to attend on certain days, and the final calls for an online school.  In a survey sent out to parents in the district, currently, 58 percent of parents are in favor of sending their children back to traditional, in-person school, and less than 10 percent favor online school.

A firm decision will be made on this matter by July 14th.  Nevertheless, with a new school year, especially during these times, comes the priority of ensuring students’ safety.

A thorough review of the school’s insurance policy was performed to see if the school board needed to consider other quotes.

Superintendent Dr. Carla J. Evers spoke on the matter, “In March, the board authorized the engagement of Mr. Sterling Foster of Argentum Risk Solutions to review the district’s insurance policies and the practices of our insurance brokerage firm to ensure the district was receiving high-quality and cost-effective service. Mr. Foster delivered his findings at our recent June board meeting and concluded in his first deliverable that our current insurance brokerage firm submitted a renewal policy that ‘aligns with the market from a rating and premium perspective.”

Foster went on to advise that the agent is performing at a more than adequate level with no concerns for complacency.

In the July meeting, the Board will make a decision as to how it would like to receive insurance quotes: either from our current firm, which has a pre-Katrina knowledge of our claims history or to allow multiple firms to provide quotes, which according to Mr. Foster could cause challenges and the closing of markets.

Dr. Evers finished with saying, “After receiving Mr. Foster’s final report, I feel the board will be poised to make a decision that is in the best interest of the school district.”