Gazebo Gazette

Friday morning, the Harrison County Sheriff Department responded to a call about a vehicle submerged in the water off W Wittman Road in Pass Christian.  The Sheriff’s Office called Harrison County Fire & Rescue along with a few other agencies for assistance.

“What we found was that a lady had gotten out of her vehicle to move something underneath and it rolled off into the river,” said Harrison County Fire & Rescue Chief Pat Sullivan.  “Luckily, she was not injured as she was not in the vehicle and she did not have anyone else in the automobile.”

Sullivan expressed that the concern normally would be if a child was in a car seat or someone being strapped in.  Numerous agencies; such as the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Harrison County Fire & Rescue, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, American Medical Response (AMR) ambulances, and the Gulfport Fire Department Dive Team, all helped in bringing the vehicle in and providing assistance at the scene.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation on this matter.  According to the county officials, this happens occasionally and the towing company comes to bring a vehicle out of the water.

A new underwater vehicle was used by the county to find the exact location of the vehicle and find the orientation of the automobile and how it was positioned.  This helped the divers with information to get this automobile secured and out of the water.