by Calvin Ishee

This Saturday, residents of the Dixie White House Rehabilitation Center were treated to visits from loved ones for the first time since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic began in the United States.

Friends and families were given an opportunity to drive through the parking lot, say hello to the residents, honk their horns and take pictures of their loved ones on the outside gates of the facility.

According to Pass Christian Police Chief Daren Freeman, fifty plus cars; many of which were fully decorated, participated in this heart-filled event recognizing the seniors.  Residents were thrilled by the visitors and extremely thankful for being a part of the much needed visit.

“Thank y’all dawlin,” was a common statement yelled towards the passing cars.  “Thank you for dropping by and God bless you.”

This global pandemic has been hard on everyone but no harder than on the elderly, disabled and at-risk Americans.