by Calvin Ishee

Pass Christian Police Chief Daren Freeman shares his thoughts on COVID 19 and how its impacted Pass Christian:

Gazebo Gazette:  What’s been the biggest challenge(s) for law enforcement officers (LOE’s) during this crisis?

Chief Freeman: “The biggest challenge is making sure everyone remains healthy while following the CDC guidelines and providing a service for the community”.

GG:  Have there been any curfew infractions, if so, how many and how were violators punished?

Chief Freeman: “We have been very fortunate not to have any curfew violations.”

GG:  Has crime gone down since the State issued stay at home orders and curfews?  In particular, what crimes have been reduced?

Chief Freeman: “We have seen a reduction across the board with all crimes.”

GG: Have there been any lessons learned from this experience, if so, what are they?

Chief Freeman: “We are still in the “storm” and learning something new every week. One of the best experiences I personally have had is the increased open communication between all the law enforcement agencies in Harrison County. We have conference calls twice a week to discuss what each of us is experiencing.”

GG: What’s the morale of your team, those still working and those that have been furloughed?

Chief Freeman:  “Overall, morale is good but something we are monitoring closely. The community and admin staff has helped tremendously by cooking meals a couple of days a week for the officers who are having to work during the pandemic.”

GG: What concerns do you have, if any with the reopening of Coast beaches?

Chief Freeman: “The beaches opened last weekend and the only concern I have is for the safety of our officers and citizens in case they have to deal with a crowd of folks who don’t practice CDC recommendations for social distancing and gathering in large crowds of more than ten people”

GG: What if anything would you like to say to PC residents?

Chief Freeman: “I would like the citizens of Pass Christian to know that we are here for them and will continue to provide the level of professional service that we have always provided for them.”

As noted repeatedly by Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott, the Board of Alderman as well as Pass Christian citizens via social media, everyone is very thankful and appreciative for the outstanding service provided by the PCPD. Justifiably so, Chief Freeman and his team have been lauded for their selfless service and sacrifice.