by Hunter Dawkins

As a modest age man, I have always been absorbed in hearing great commencement speeches, but have never had the luck to give one.  This speech is not just for the young millennials who will probably not be interested, but for the average readers and subscribers.


No matter what outcome or negative impact, which occurs in your life, we are all human beings.  Every person will die and have to suffer at some point in their life, therefore enjoy everyday as it your last.  Honestly, there is no other way to live and this should remain the top value in your mind.


Personally, I appreciate the fantastic work in our school systems, who have been through so much during this pandemic.  Important to remember everyday your thoughts and words to each individual you come across.  You never know when something you might say or how an action that you do will change someone’s life.   Everyone has a vice, words or actions don’t need to remind someone of this.


Giving praise to someone for their good deeds or recognition of a quality trait is valuable.  Praise goes a long way and allows someone to believe in themselves when others may not.


Know who you are and what you stand for.  Follow your dreams with every chance you take, even if these choices change drastically.  Follow your own path because its yours, not anyone else’s.


Never forget your values and what remains important to you.  Don’t make decisions that are against who you are or demean yourself.  Remember that you are one being and your legacy is established by your attitude.


For any trust that you want, you should hold yourself to high standards.  Until you have a sense of responsibility for things that you do or plans that you make, outward trust remains tough to gain.


This may be the shortest trait in your life, but it is the most important.  Your choice of religion should not matter, but your following a supreme existence helps drive you through tough times in each life.

The fact that we have a soul and feel love in our heart makes us more than an advanced monkey.  Human beings can accomplish so much.