Gazebo Gazette

Joining the nationwide efforts to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, Will Ashley, Makerspace Coordinator at Coast Episcopal School (CES) in Long Beach, has been manufacturing 3D face shields and face mask extenders.

The extenders make face masks more comfortable to wear by lessening the strain on the ears from wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

Ashley stated, “One of my goals for the Makerspace is to show our students how we might use technology to solve everyday problems.”

A major problem in the news lately is that our hospitals lack PPE to adequately deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the last two weeks, the Makerspace at CES has been printing face shields in our 3D printers for the medical professionals in our area. Each face shield takes about two hours to print.

CES has printed over 70 face shields and will soon be delivering them to the medical heroes who need them at this time.”

Last Friday, volunteers from CES got together to assemble and package the final product and make their first delivery to the staff at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport.