by Calvin Ishee

Ward 2 Alderwoman Regina Charlot was passionate and determined to limit the expansion and exposure of the COVID-19 virus in Pass Christian as she not only voted against eliminating the curfew, she also insisted that basketball courts as well as the Splash Pad remain closed indefinitely.

Charlot commented, “I know I’ll take flak for this but the time’s not right to open these facilities to the public”.  Her contention was that the sport of basketball is a game that prevents social distancing and she’s worried that both kids and adult basketball players could be putting themselves at an unnecessary risk by playing basketball. The other Board members fell in line with this rational and voted 5 to 0 to keep the basketball courts and Splash Pad closed until further notice.

Once this decision was announced on social media, some were quick to respond by saying this “action doesn’t make sense, just go to WalMart, the beach and other places and you’ll see more than 10 people violating the social distancing rules”.  Other comments included “That doesn’t make sense”, “Uh, you cannot reasonably play basketball and maintain a 6’ social distance” and “You can’t fix stupid”.

In the personnel arena, Mary-Catherine Scriber, owner of The Whiskey Bar, was appointed to replace Brian Bosch on the Pass Christian Park Commission for the term beginning March 20, 2000 and ending March 20, 2023. Furloughs for Pass Christian Police Officers Travis Thomas and Jacob Locklar were ended and they are now scheduled to attend Harrison County Sheriff’s Training Academy beginning May 31st 2020. According to PC Police Chief Daren Freeman this will leave them with no current vacancies.  The Public Works Department obtained approval to hire Guy Dedeaux as a full time Operator.

The Board authorized spending taxpayers money on a new $462,066 E-One Custom Built Pumper, also known as a fire truck; Claims Docket bills of $330,915.84 and $250 for a half page ad supporting the Gazebo Gazette’s magazine honoring the 2020 graduates of local high schools.

The Mayor and Alderman alike praised Hunter Dawkins, owner and publisher of the Gazebo Gazette for paying tribute to local high school seniors during the highly restrictive COVID 19 virus pandemic.

For the first time in months there was a lot of input to the Public Comments portion of the meeting. Fire Chief Dwight Gordon reminded folks that even though we’re still not through with COVID 19, it’s that time of year again for residents to begin preparations for the 2020 hurricane season.

Weather prognosticators are predicting a higher than normal hurricane season and residents should plan according.  Police Chief Daren Freeman announced “the good news of the day is that we’re expecting to open the Pass Christian Dispatch Center in July of 2020”.

Once open, Pass residents will be talking directly to a Pass Christian employee instead of someone in the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

In another “good news” story, Public Works Director Russell Holliman announced that his team had saved the City over $25,000. He said they did that by doing repair work in house instead of by contract.  If a contractor had done the work, it would’ve cost the City $28,300, however, they were able to do it for just $1,000.

Ward 3 Alderman Anthony Hall thanked the City for their outstanding support of several highly successful events the recent COVID 19 Remote Testing Center.