Gazebo Gazette

Certainly times have been tough for the school districts and especially for the class of 2020.  If you were told before the year you would not get to experience so many parts of your senior year, such as REAL spring break, prom, or graduation because of a global pandemic, most probably would have laughed it off and thought the person who said that was crazy.

The Gazebo Gazette and a few school districts (more are welcome to be included) have partnered to produce a magazine honoring and symbolizing this year for only the seniors.  This may seem like a cheesy ploy of the yearbook, but this will be devoted to the senior class of this school district and their accomplishments.  Pictures, parents advertisements and accomplishments throughout the year will be dedicated to celebrating the 2020 class for this local high school.

If you would like to be a part of this magazine, honoring a child with a picture and statement, local business supporting this class, or just a simple congratulations, please feel free to contact the newspaper at (228)224-6781 or  Additionally, if your local school district is involved, you can talk with them to relay the message.

Pass Christian High School will be the first institution to be in this glossy magazine and the DEADLINE for any advertisement is next Wednesday at 5pm.  This is a short time frame, but the printing of this magazine needs a week before the May 15 celebration by the Pirates.  Hope this magazine sets the precedent for many future schools.  Please contact The Gazebo Gazette at (228)224-6781 or Pass Christian School District at (228)255-6200 if you need any assistance.

Long Beach High School will be the next graduation magazine a week later, so please don’t hesitate to get involved.

Ad Prices will be available on contact from The Gazebo Gazette or the local school district.  Please support our visionary Class of 2020.