Gazebo Gazette

The Pass Christian Police Department is expanding our R.U.O.K. program to assist community members who are at home and would like to have officers check on them daily.  Any resident in Pass Christian is eligible to participate in this program but would like to focus the efforts on elderly or those who do not have friends or family in the area.

Please call the Police Department (228) 452-3301 between 9:00am – 4:00pm daily to speak with a member of the police department about participating in the program.  Those who sign up for the program will be given a packet containing three colored pieces of paper for display in a window that have different meanings listed below:

Green = means you are ok and do not need any assistance.

Yellow = means you need some type of assistance with an errand or non-life threatening issue and you would like an officer to call you on the phone.

Red = Please call 911 immediately if you have an emergency but for some reason you do not feel like it is a life threatening but would like to speak with an officer when he/she rides by your residence, display the red paper.

This program is being established to assist those citizens who are sick, elderly, or those who do not have family or friends in the area to assist with any issues that may arise during this health crisis.