by Hunter Dawkins

With a less than 24-hour switch from the recent resignation of Head Baseball Coach Conner Douglas, the Long Beach Bearcats hired from within and elevated Assistant Baseball Coach Garrett LaRosa to take over the direction of the team.

“We are confident in his abilities to lead this program,” expressed Long Beach School District Superintendent Dr. Jay Smith.  “We are equally confident that his long term commitment to our players in rooted in sound character.”

LaRosa was hired as the assistant baseball coach for the 2019 team while previously serving in the same role at Hancock High School.

Originally, LaRosa grew up and played in the Long Beach community, graduating among the Bearcats in 2012.  LaRosa was an essential part of the 2010 Long Beach High Baseball team that won the state championship, batting .326 with three home runs and grabbing a hit in the title game.

LaRosa finished with a batting average of .333 and eight home runs as a member of the Bearcats, before receiving scholarships from Meridian Community College and the strong, Division I Baseball Program McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Following graduation, LaRosa came back home to begin his coaching career until being hired back home for the 2019 school year.