by Hunter Dawkins

In the famous lyrics from legendary songwriter Peter Gabriel, his famous song “Sledgehammer” entails lines which come up throughout the media industry.  What I mean by this, is the profession of the fourth estate has a requirement to provide factual information to the general public without intentional bias.  Certainly, I realize that many will be laughing at this statement because a number of organizations in the industry choose not to do this.

One of the reasons that I have chosen this career is not for money or an easy workload, but for the community.  Personally, have turned down numerous offers in metropolitan cities and I work more hours than ever have before.  The real reason I do this is for this community, where I grew up and am proud to be a part of.

There are many opinions, either political, spiritual, emotional, that I flat out don’t agree with on a personal level.  As a direct member of the fourth estate, I acknowledge my power to influence towards a direction.  This is a power that many throughout the media industry take lightly and tend to throw it around.  There is not many that “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” anymore.

“This can be my testimony,” is a dynamic lyric in the song that epitomizes control, but my goal in this profession is to provide an intelligent community the opportunity to know their choices.  I am very lucky to work with some of the brightest and best small business leaders and be accompanied by some of the top notch school districts in the state.

West Harrison County has quite a number of stories; both general and feature, many that I can’t fit in a weekly paper.  However, I will always be fair and produce events or news online if not possible for the print edition.  Please use the newspaper for your backdrop in feelings about issues, tributes, or feature stories.  The more participants throughout the community, the more ownership of something that belongs to you.

As an American and Mississippian, it will always be my goal to deliver the best and accurate information for this community and the state.  Let me be your sledgehammer.