Gazebo Gazette

Memorial Hospital of Gulfport reports that a drive-up clinic for COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing Friday at the Fredericks Community Center off Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in North Gulfport from 9am-3pm.  The hospital asked for sick people to stay in their vehicles, as healthcare providers will come towards all vehicles.  Additionally, everyone that has symptoms, such as fever, coughing, respiratory pains, or vomiting are assured service.

According to the Mississippi Department of Health officials, black Mississippians represent 56 percent of the state’s known COVID-19 infections and 72 percent of deaths, newly released demographic data from the state health department show.

The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on black Mississippians equals reporting racial demographic data and the disparate effects on African Americans. 

Social Distancing will be in effect at the drive-up clinic, but the response of this outreach will determine more appearances, according to hospital officials.