by Hunter Dawkins

The Friendly City of Long Beach hosted its second annual Beach Day at the Wheel Way sponsored by the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport right across the Simpson Pier Saturday morning.  Numerous officials, community groups and vendors celebrated National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month giving all individuals access to the beach.

“People with disabilities are part of the public, so why not make all things accessible to them,” said guest, motivational speaker Dwight Owens who discussed the benefits for all.  “I am here to empower people with disabilities or families of people with disabilities.”

Owens inspirational speech talked about his own personal growth with the loss of his father early and his tragic experience, which provided the reasoning for moving forward under a higher calling.

Following Owens, the Long Beach High Cheer and several other organizations participated in honoring the Wheel Way.  Long Beach Alderman-At-Large Donald Frazer spoke about the meaning of this event for the Friendly City.

“The only way we can grow in the city is by including everyone,” said Frazer.  “This is something as a small town and the first on the Coast to be very proud of.”