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The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) held a statewide media press conference Thursday regarding an update on COVID-19.  During the press conference, the officials talked about the first case that was reported in Mississippi in the Hattiesburg area.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs; executive director of the MSDH, said that it doesn’t seem that children are affected and that most of the illnesses are mild. Less than 1% die from the virus.  Additionally, Dr. Dobbs expressed a vaccine is in development to attack the worldwide virus.

Testing material is located at the Mississippi State Department of Health.  A physician needs to submit and they get results back in 36 hours for testing.

The MSDH is expanding access and making it easier for physicians to order COVID-19 test.  Department of Health officials expressed a recommendation to limiting gatherings with over 250 people in attendance and reducing visitors to state capitol in Jackson.

Officials advise if you’re sick, stay away from work and gatherings even if you do not have the disease, according to test results.

The MSDH recommends that schools cancel and delay any mass gatherings and canceling any group assemblies or unessential and restricting athletic events.  Currently, MSDH said they do not expect to close schools right now in Mississippi.

Eight public universities will adjust their schedules to the outbreak at hand.

Alcorn State University, Delta State University, Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, Mississippi University for Women, Mississippi Valley State University, the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi are all observing Spring Break this week, which has been extended for a week.

Classes are currently set to resume March 23 and will be taught online or through other methods. Students are encouraged to remain at home and participate in classes remotely.

Visitation is suspended at all facilities where the Mississippi Department of Correction inmates reside effective immediately.

A sample that a provider collects can be transported directly by courier to the public health lab where it is processed and ran.  MSDH is conducting further investigation to limit spread of the virus from this case and 42 tests have been completed at this time.

MSDH says that testing is available, call your doctor and don’t go to the emergency room unless it is an actual emergency.  People over 65 are advised not attend large gatherings.

(Photo credited to WVUE)