Gazebo Gazette

Tuesday afternoon, the Friendly City of Long Beach issued an emergency mayoral proclamation of executive order regarding additional efforts to further combat the spread of COVID-19 in the city; including the establishment of a temporary mandatory curfew and issuance of a “SAFER-AT-HOME” order.

The curfew issued will take effect tonight at 11:59pm and will last until 5am tomorrow morning with the hours beginning from 11pm-5am until further notice.  Below are a questions and answers.


·        Go to the grocery, convenience or warehouse store

·        Go to the pharmacy to pick up medications and other healthcare necessities

·        Go to medically necessary appointments (check with your doctor or provider first)

·        Go to a restaurant for take-out/curbside pick-up, delivery or drive-thru only

·        Care for or support a friend or family member

·        Take a walk, ride your bike, hike, jog and be in nature for exercise — just keep at least six feet between you and others

·        Walk your pets and take them to the veterinarian, if necessary

·        Help someone to get necessary supplies

·         Receive deliveries from any business which delivers


·        Go to work unless you are providing essential services as defined by this Order*

·        Visit friends and family if there is no urgent need

·        Maintain less than 6 feet of distance from others when you go out

Visit loved ones in the hospital, nursing home, skilled nursing facility or other residential care facility, except for limited exceptions as provided on the facility websites

·        All places of public amusement, whether indoors or outdoors, including but not limited to, locations with amusement rides, carnivals, amusement parks, water parks, trampoline parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, arcades, fairs, pool halls, children’s play centers, playgrounds, theme parks, any theaters, concert and music halls, adult entertainment venues, racetracks, and other similar businesses are ordered closed, until further notice

·        All personal care and grooming businesses, including, but not limited to, barber shops, beauty salons, nail salons, spas, massage parlors, tattoo parlors, exercise studios, fitness centers and facilities, cross training gyms, gyms, and other similar businesses are ordered closed, until further notice.

·        Retail stores, plasma centers, and other similar type establishments must limit customer access to their places of business to no more than 5% of their permitted occupancy limit, at any one time. This calculation does not include employees in the count.

·        Restaurants are encouraged to provide take-out/curbside pick-up, delivery or drive-thru options. No on-premise meal service or consumption is allowed – inside, or outside.

·        Room occupancy maximums transient public lodging establishments (hotels, motels, short- term rentals, etc.) shall not exceed bed capacity of the room. (i.e. 2 beds = 2 people)

·        Any business (i.e. construction trades) not covered by the guidance from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and not ordered to temporarily close must adjust operations to continue with minimum contact with members of the public and essential employees, while requiring proper social distancing, adhering to the 10-person group limitation.

·        Businesses closed to the public as listed in the order can conduct necessary activities such as payroll, cleaning services, maintenance or upkeep, as necessary – provided social distancing protocols are enforced.

·        Early learning centers and child care facilities adhering to the guidance issued by the Mississippi Department of Education and Office of Public Health may continue to operate.

Examples of Essential Worker Functions under the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidelines include:

§  Healthcare workers and caregivers

§  Mental health and Social Service workers

§  Pharmacy employees

§  Workers supporting groceries, pharmacies and other retail sales of food and beverage products

§  Restaurant carryout and quick-serve food operations and food delivery employees

§  Farm workers

§  Electricity and Utility Industry Employees

§  Critical Manufacturing Employees (medical supply chains, energy, transportation, food, chemicals)

§  Petroleum, Natural and Propane Gas Workers

§  Transportation and Logistics Workers

§  Communications and Information Technology Employees

§  Financial Services and Banking Industry Employees

Any additional questions, please call (228)863-1556 to find information.