Gazebo Gazette

The Gazebo Gazette is a community newspaper among the first priority and would like to point out our local business discount in these times of uncertainty.  Bringing these advertisements to local businesses will help them and help you to select the right choices.
In our recent edition for March 13, a free bagel from a local business, A Southern Bagel on Pineville Road, or 10% of 2 bottles of wine at Bacchus Liquors on Jeff Davis Avenue, Long Beach with the ads cut out or brought in.  Both discounts are on the right side of page 3.
The Editorial Page 7 discounts vary, with Chopsticks of Long Beach offering three free options depending on the price and the Energy Club deduction in price if you choose to join.  This top notch gym on Pineville Road in Long Beach offers the first month free if you bring this ad in.
The Easter Boston Butt Sale on Page 10 even has a scanner to order for helping Troop 316 of Pass Christian if you want to order an Easter Special.
The Gazebo Gazette partnership with MediaBids Ads provide unique anonymity for purchasing must under products, such as Dental Insurance, Gutter Protection, Life Insurance and Mobile Help all on Page 5.
Last but not least, the amazing realtors Ken Austin of Mississippi Coast Realty and Amy Wood of Amy Wood Properties give a great vision of dream properties on the Coast.
There are many great advertisers of The Gazebo Gazette being left off, but instead of worrying about national brand inserts, buy a local paper for $.75, purchase from the local businesses that advertise and get to read over 20 award-winning stories.