by The Great Foodini

More than a year ago, I reviewed a newly-opened restaurant called Fields Steak and Oyster in Bay St. Louis for the Gazette and on my radio segment.

There was an outpouring of support for the review as it convinced diners to stop by and give the new kids on the block a chance.

I received raving feedback of thanks about the quality of the food. Since then, a chef named Lauren Joffrion that works there who is one of my favorites on the coast (don’t worry, I still love you too Jean-Paul) revamped the menu to better reflect items that customers will leave raving about. She also has been nationally recognized for her talents as well.

The meal started off with a soft-shell crab Bao bun, which is a fried soft-shell crab dressed with Gochujang chili paste and togarashi spiced pickles (google Japanese 7 spice), topped with pickled red onion and cilantro. This dish immediately hits your tongue with a burst of sweet and tangy flavor with a slow and low heat that turns on at the end of the chew. It is mouthwatering, but light.

The next dish I tried was the amazing Korean BBQ pork wings. I ate two of these. While good on its own merit being slathered with a perfect amount of Korean BBQ sauce, I was not expecting the flavor combination that seemed to defy some laws of physiology in regards to my taste buds when I dipped the second pork shank into the complimentary wasabi buttermilk range dip. It added so much depth to the meal.

Before I talk about my main course on this evening, I need to explain something about Fields that I did not realize before. This is not a first date place. I mean, you can take a first date here…but he/she better be pretty damn special. No, I decree that Fields should forever be known as the “keeper date” place.

You only need to bring dates here that have proven to be worthy. It’s not about the location, which is conveniently right down in the heart of the entertainment district of beautiful Bay St. Louis, it’s not because of the price, because you can easily get out of this restaurant comparably priced to other quality restaurants in the area. What makes this a “keeper date” place is the amount of attention they put into every dish. Of course, I am madly in love with chef Lauren Joffrion and everything she does, but it goes beyond that. The restaurant takes away the need to find things to talk about on a date, because the food is so eloquently and deliciously done. You can just turn your table into your very own private set of the Food Network and just talk about the amazing food you are eating.

Okay, now on to the main event. It is my job to convey in writing to my readers how well a dish is prepared. I can’t here. I have written and erased this paragraph three times and I still can’t do it justice.

The dish is simply named the fork and knife burger because there is no way you can eat this like a regular burger. This house ground patty is topped with a plank of melted, smoked gouda, slathered with truffle aioli, topped with onion jam, chimichurri on a brioche bun. A bordelaise sauce with a alcoholic topper is drizzled over the top. The chef is literally pouring fire over your burger singeing and searing a buttery dry red wine flavor right into the whole concoction. This dish is perfection and is worth trying more than once.

I cannot stop returning to Fields.  Every time I go, I try something new and like it more each time.