by Hunter Dawkins

Last Monday at Mississippi’s Second Judicial District Courthouse in Biloxi, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changing the 2020 budget to allow the county Sheriff’s Department an amended lease.  The old hangar agreement through privately owned companies leased their space to the Sheriff’s Department for storage of equipment.

“Two helicopters and some other equipment are on the airport property, with no cost to the county,” said Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson.  “The Airport Authority has taken that hangar, so by Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) regulations, they have to charge us something, which is why we will pay a monthly fee.”

Sheriff Peterson indicated the lower level cost to the Board of Supervisors even with a twenty seven page contract, going through the regulations.

After resolving this matter, the board approved the hire of Hopkin, Barvie & Hopkins, PLLC to represent the Sheriff and Board Attorney Tim Holleman to protect the interest of the county in litigations.  Finally, the Board accepted an agreement between Harrison County and the Dixon Contracting Group, LLC for upgrades and repairs at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center.

In other actions, the Board of Supervisors unanimously concurred with the planning commission’s recommendation for a zoning map amendment that changed the district classification, which the purpose was to subdivide a property and the building of a house on Pineville Road.  Following this measure, a $3700 check to Pickering Firm, Inc. for professional services on the Beatline Parkway Projects was tabled because the county had not received the invoices at this time.

Beginning the meeting, Kimberly Smith from Youth Build was successful in getting a partnership with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for a new construction building.