Gazebo Gazette

Saint Stanislaus is proud to announce the installation of HitTrax, an interactive, real-time metrics software designed specifically for baseball hitters, pitchers, and catchers. HitTrax provides student-athletes with instant feedback through measuring various aspects of their hitting, pitching, catching, and throwing.

HitTrax is mostly seen in college baseball programs. While many baseball academies throughout the United States are using the program as well, Saint Stanislaus is the first high school in Mississippi to integrate the cutting-edge technology which is used during practice and makes practice time more beneficial for players. Each student-athlete’s information and progress is stored in the program and allows coaches and the players themselves to analyze their practices and focus on areas in which they need to improve.

“Through HitTrax our hitters are able to learn more about their individual swing,” says Saint Stanislaus Baseball Coach Brad Corley. “The program displays an actual strike zone on the screen, which allows us as coaches to give specific feedback to each individual player.” HitTrax also offers detailed analysis on metrics such as distance, pitch speed, launch angle, and exit velocity. The baseball Rock-A-Chaws also have the option to see how they size-up to other players across the nation.

HitTrax provides an opportunity for the Saint Stanislaus coaches and players to easily track strengths, weaknesses, and improvement during practice. With a margin of error of less than five percent, the Baseball Rock-A-Chaws plan to improve not only their game, but also individual goals with the program.

“With HitTrax, we will be able to track each player throughout his career at Saint Stanislaus,” says Saint Stanislaus Head Coach, Mark Logan. “Our players have the option to play against each other, or others student athletes throughout the nation. Doing so creates an atmosphere of friendly competition throughout the team while encouraging them to reach their individual goals as well.”

The Baseball Rock-A-Chaws open the season with a jamboree against Columbia and Brookhaven on February 15 at Pearl River Community College.