Gazebo Gazette

Long Beach School District congratulates Long Beach High School (LBHS) Family and Consumer Science teacher Demetria Brown. Brown has been awarded a $2,000 grant from the Leo W. Seal Teacher Recognition Award Fund, a Fund of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, for her “Shark Tank” project aimed at helping students become entrepreneurs by creating school-based enterprises that can become sustainable businesses in their community.

“It’s an honor and privilege to receive the Hancock-Whitney Leo W. Seal award because of the contributions he made to education and our community,” said Brown. “This grant will provide a wonderful opportunity to our students to expand their creative and career opportunities in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation.  We have bright students at Long Beach High School.  They are the best and I love working with them in the classroom!”

LBHS Principal Dr. Talia Lock values having a teacher like Brown on her faculty.

“There is not a more deserving teacher to receive this award than Ms. Demetria Brown.  She has dedicated her LIFE to our students to ensure they reach their full potential.  She encourages, motivates, and inspires them to go beyond what they ever thought they could achieve.  Long Beach High School is proud and honored to have a teacher on our campus that makes such a positive impact on others’ lives daily,” Lock said.

Brown’s “Shark Tank” project will be a school-based and student-focused entrepreneurial center/business incubator. The project will use a portable dual sided kiosk strategically placed in a high traffic area of the school. One side will support the Family Careers Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Paw Pastries and the Paw Pastries Artisan Grill.

Products from microbusinesses developed and implemented by students will be sold on the second retail side of the kiosk. Businesses for this side will be chosen through LBHS “Shark Tank” competitions to be held each nine weeks.

To win and have a business in the kiosk, students individually or in groups will have to make presentations with a business plan and develop a website.