by Joy Thornton

Balancing school and athletics is a challenge that many high school students face daily. Between trying to boost her ACT score, studying for Advanced Placement classess and college courses, and getting to soccer or football practice, Pass High junior Abby Bosarge is a prime example of someone trying to find that balance.

When asked how she handles all of her responsibilities, she says, “I think it’s just a matter of knowing how to find a happy medium between them.” Abby maintains a “happy medium” by going to practice after school and completing her homework afterward.

This work ethic extends to her new position on the Gulf Coast Monarchy, an all women’s tackle football team. Abby heard about this team from her mother who saw an advertisement for players. “Since freshman year,” Abby explains, “I really wanted to play football, but there wasn’t really an opportunity for me to play on our school’s team.”

On the way back from winter break, Abby decided to try out for the team, and she made it.

When asked to describe the only high school student on the Gulf Coast Monarchy, the owner, Tyre Brown said this, “Abby’s going to come here into this league, and she is going to mark her imprint here in this organization immediately. She already has. She’s the youngest, but she has a strong, strong personality. Abby multitasks everything that she does, and she’s a perfectionist with everything that she does. She will be our main kicker, and when I say that she can make that ball do whatever we need that ball to do, she does that. She’s also a catcher, so she will be playing on the kickoff return team, and she will also be a receiver. We’re just glad to have her be a part of our organization.”

Abby’s soccer coach, Devin Griffith, specifically commended her selflessness and teamwork abilities.

“Abby constantly motivated her team when they were down and consistently gave her all at practice.”

Bosarge believes this season was, “One of the best seasons Pass High has had in years. Our team has been so good. We have worked so hard to get where we are. Coach Devin is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to our team, and coach Cam was great. They really taught us a lot, and I think we went far this year, and we’re going to go even further next year.”

When it was crunch time, Bosarge came through by scoring several game-winning goals.

Abby maintains a 4.0 GPA in her college-level and advanced placement classes. She is also a member of the ACT 30s club, which means she has scored a thirty or higher on the ACT test.

Whether on the soccer pitch, the gridiron, or Pass High, Abby’s school-sport balance inspires us all. Abby Bosarge is proof that kicking balls and running plays can shatter glass ceilings.