by Hunter Dawkins

With a few minor exceptions on a potential ordinance change, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen meeting last Tuesday was relatively brief.  The two grant applications for intersection improvements at 28th & Klondyke along with Phase III of the Pineville Sidewalks were unanimously authorized by the board.

Following a brief discussion with Pickering Firm, Inc. representative Cindy Lamb, the Board unanimously approved the activation of this company as a consultant for the Beatline Parkway Project.  Additionally, the board of the Friendly City adopted Pickering Firm, Inc. as consultant for the 5 points intersection study.

At the beginning of the meeting, Long Beach Aldermen Mark Lishen and Bernie Parker suggested approval of the planning commission minutes with two items open for discussion.  Alderman Lishen expressed concern regarding the development of any new subdivisions and the City’s desire to save as many protected trees as possible.  In this deliberation, Lishen spoke of a “potential” change in the city ordinance to allow this removal.

After Parker questioned the planning commission representatives about the need for variance, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the planning commission decision to allow removal of the trees in the subdivision and grant a variance to the sidewalk of the city.

In other actions, the board unanimously passed three special event applications for the Blue Cross Blue Shield run at the USM Gulf Park campus, the annual Mardi Gras parade, and the Touch-A-Truck hosted by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Long Beach Mayor George Bass presented a Paving Project for N. Island View with an extended are.  This project would overlay portions of Island View Avenue from Railroad Street to Old Pass, and from Old Pass to a point approximately 150 feet north of the intersection at Laura Street.  The additional overlay will coordinate with the overlay on Laura & Catherine, improving drainage function in that area. Estimated cost will be approximately $30,000, which is well below the savings, which “makes this a sensible thing to do,” according to Mayor Bass.

The Board of Aldermen unanimously adopted this project and approved twelve step increases for city personnel.  February 4 is the next meeting at City Hall where the school board vacancy could be decided.