Gazebo Gazette

District Attorney Joel Smith announced today that former Harrison County Deputy Tax Collector Denise Gill plead guilty in Gulfport before Judge Lisa Dodson for submitting fraudulent travel vouchers for mileage reimbursement she did not incur.

During her guilty plea, Gill stated that during her employment at the Harrison County Tax Collector’s Office she signed and submitted a false travel voucher for mileage expenses she did not incur. Information was provided to the Court that Gill fraudulently claimed and received mileage reimbursements from the Harrison County Board of Supervisors while employed as the Deputy Tax Collector.

The mileage reimbursements were for her claims of using her personal vehicle to conduct official county business on behalf of the Tax Collector’s office.

“The Tax Collector’s Office has three locations in Harrison County, one in the Gulfport Courthouse, one in the Biloxi Courthouse, and one in Orange Grove. During the charged timeframe, the Defendant would routinely submit travel vouchers claiming that she had traveled to those locations during the work day in her personal vehicle. By way of witnesses, video and card readers from the courthouses, and for a set amount of time a GPS tracker, the State would show that she did not travel to these locations in her personal vehicle as she claimed,” stated Chief Assistant District Attorney Crosby Parker.

Judge Dodson deferred sentencing to February 26, 2020, in Biloxi and ordered an investigation which will be conducted by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.