by The Great Foodini

You guys are in trouble. You not only made me get up early on a Saturday, but I was compelled to shake my wife awake and tell her that the readers are beating me up for a good breakfast spot.

I love recommending family spots or date night spots, but I just don’t get out much for breakfast. I can literally sleep all day if you let me or if the kids don’t start fighting and wake me up when one of them busts through my door with a complaint about the other one’s transgressions over the remote control to either the Xbox or TV.

After I woke the groggy momma bear from her weekend hibernation, I dragged her to Long Beach to try out what I have been told is an amazing brunch at Harbor View Café on Jeff Davis Avenue.

When I got to HarborView in Long Beach, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and the quality of the items available.

The breakfast menu is broken into four main categories, Eggs and House Specialties, Pancakes and French toast, Waffles and Omelettes.

The first category is really the main show because I love eggs. I could probably eat eggs in every possible way, omelettes are my favorite, but I go for eggs benedict when I am bored with omelettes or I am feeling a bit extra as the kids say.

I tried the Kahlua Pork Benedict. This dish is two poached eggs on top of English muffins, smoked pulled pork, topped with Sriracha hollandaise sauce, served with your choice of grits or home fries. There is more flavor in each bite than the last. The whole thing is so delicious.

The blueberry or banana-nut pancakes are light and fluffy and huge. My youngest son couldn’t decide so he got blueberry/banana-nut pancakes. He was smiling from ear to ear with every bite, but he couldn’t even finish a short stack.

When it comes to omelettes, Harborview has got a hot game going. The two big standouts from this list of dozens of different possible omelettes are the crab meat and cheese omelette and the everything omelette piled high with ham, sausage, bacon, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes and American cheese.

On my next visit, I am planning to try the chimichanga eggs. These are scrambled eggs with sausage and shredded cheese in a garlic herb wrap, deep fried and topped with a pepper jack cheese sauce…wow.

And for those sunny pleasant days, you can’t beat the view from the wrap-around porch with views of the Gulf waters.