Gazebo Gazette

Enrich MS, a Mississippi founded nonprofit poised to make a difference in the lives of children and families in the state, officially launched today. Enrich MS is an approved charity dedicated to building and sustaining a community-based youth prevention education program. Enrich MS aspires to reduce vaping, educate children on the dangers of substance abuse, and provide education and resources to our youth, parents and the community.

“I know the community will support this initiative for youth prevention related to vaping and we truly will make a substantial impact,” said Jill Gordon, CEO of Enrich MS, mother of a middle schooler and longtime Mississippi resident. “The experience I have gained in the 21 years of my career have prepared me for this step. Helping others is my true-life passion and I can’t imagine anything more important than our youth, the future of our state. Together we can create real change for our youth right here in Mississippi.”

Enrich MS’s initiatives are already underway. Gordon and her board of directors have started plans to tackle vaping, suicide prevention, and other important topics affecting children and teens. Enrich MS will launch a school-based program in 2020 and host several community events throughout the year. This program will expand to a K-12 prevention program across the state.

This is the first of many initiatives that Enrich MS will offer. The nonprofit provides parent panel discussions with experts in these fields. Learn more about getting involved and making a difference by visiting