by Hunter Dawkins

Long Beach Mayor George Bass exercised his right under the Mississippi Code to veto a recent approved lease option that the Board of Alderman narrowly passed 4-3 on October 15.  At the recent meeting, Mayor Bass stated, “It is apparent to me that substantial confusion exists regarding the position of the parties involved in this matter.”

The mayor is referring to the litigation field by Long Beach Harbor Resorts, LLC against the Mississippi Secretary of State and the recent approval of the Long Beach Board of Aldermen to grant a lease option to this group.  Conclusively, Mayor Bass expressed, “It is simply imprudent of us to enter into any long-term lease revisions until this litigation with the Secretary of State and the new controversy over who actually owns the lands within our harbor are finally resolved.”

Following the address of the mayor, the Long Beach Board voted 4-3 to overturn this veto.  Due to a super majority of votes to overturn the Veto not being obtained, the veto stands.

In other actions, the Board of Aldermen unanimously accepted the Tidelands Grant Award from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) for Long Beach Harbor Improvements.  MDMR will disburse $500,000 in funds provided by the State Legislature for these improvements.  The MDMR shall make progress payments in installments based on work completed and material used in the performance of a Tidelands project.

Additionally, the Long Beach Board unanimously approved a funding grant agreement for $100,000 that was presented by Mayor Bass to improve the cemetery.  Since there were only 10 days to respond to the agreement letter, the Board unanimously agreed to approve an authorization.

Public hearings were scheduled for four properties to determine whether or not certain properties situated in the City of Long Beach are in such a state of uncleanliness as to constitute a menace to the public health and safety of the community.  December 3 at 5pm in Long Beach City Hall was the scheduled date.

Finally, the Board unanimously authorized Joe Culpepper, the Director of Public Works a replacement of the city vehicle totaled at an approximate cost of $24,700, to include a reimbursement from insurance of approximately $9,800.  Before recess, the Board unanimously carried to authorize the repair of Daughtery Road at an approximate cost of $22,000.00, as the report was given by Culpepper.

Beginning the meeting, the Energy Club was recognized by the City of Long Beach for its 30th year anniversary.

The next board meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 5pm in Long Beach City Hall.