by Calvin Ishee

Ever wonder who represents you on the various committees, boards and commissions supporting Pass Christian?  Or Perhaps you need some information or simply want to voice your opinion, who do you call?

Here’s a quick reference list of committees, boards and commissions and those that serve on them.  This will answer the aforementioned question of who you can contact for assistance:

Civil Service Commission:  Adam Pace, Donald Moore and Cheryl Millender

Historic Commission: Margaret Jean Kalif, Annie James, Amy Wood, Danny Taylor, Dorothy Roberts, Jenny Nicaud, Nonnie Debardelben, Melissa Wagner and Scott Naugle.

Park Commission: Paul Burnett, Merri Haimes, Patricia Holland, Brian Bosch and Joby Church.

Planning Commission: Adam Pace, Michael Lizana, Ken Austin, Lisa Smith, Eugene Russell, Margaret Jean Kalif, Steve Hunter, Tom Phares and Rebecca O’Dwyer.

Tree Board: Donna Newton, David Taylor, Gayla Schmitt, Helen Davis and Steve Hunter.

Zoning Board of Adjustment: Lisa Smith, Craig Steenkamp, Willie Cox, Gerald Rooney and Bruce Anthony.

Pass Christian School Board: Margaret Jean Kalif, Scott Naugle, Walter King, Cecil Lizana and Avra O’Dwyer.

These citizens should definitely be applauded for their community service as well as their positive efforts towards making Pass Christian the very best it can be.  Please note there are some citizens working on two or three boards and in a town of around 6,000 citizens, I’m sure some of you may be interested in serving on one of these boards. Perhaps if vacancies were pre-announced allowing citizens to apply, there wouldn’t be a need for folks to serve on more than one board.

So if your interested in serving your community in some capacity, have any questions or want meeting dates and times, please call the City of Pass Christian at 228-452-3310 or the Pass School District at 228-255-6200 or you can visit their respective websites at or