by The Great Foodini

There aren’t many, if any restaurants on the MS Gulf Coast that can boast an unobstructed view of the sunset over the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Diners who arrive at the right time (when the sun dips below the horizon) at Sea Level in Pass Christian, can be treated to the closest thing that passes for paradise in Mississippi while sitting under a canopy at tables right on the water’s edge with their toes in the sandy grassy soil.

The ambiance at Sea Level is one that screams Caribbean oasis. This place, adjoining the park at the Pass Christian harbor is operated by long-time restaurant owners, Thomas and Dana who previously owned HarborView Café and wanted something a little different…and they wanted to be beach bums.

When I announced on facebook that I was going to try Sea level, nearly all of my friends who had been there told me I wouldn’t be sorry. Chef Jean-Paul Lavalee, the executive chef of the Oak Crest Mansion Inn immediately told me the first thing that stands out about Sea Level are the fries.

The fries are fresh cut into shoestring size several times each day so they are fresh and they are cooked in cottonseed oil so peanut allergic diners shouldn’t fear. The cottonseed oil also gives the fries an extra clean and fresh flavor and feel. I could personally just eat and entire dinner of these fries alone.

Sea Level also received a certification to serve certified angus beef patties on their burgers.  The Sea Level burger is a mouthwatering two patty burger slathered with Monterey Jack and American cheeses on a slightly toasted brioche bun. The burgers held together well and were seasoned well with a light salty, robust flavor. Eventhough it was a hefty double cheeseburger, you didn’t have to dislocate your jaw to take a bite. Each bite, until the end was wonderfully filled with flavor.

Another popular item are the spinach and artichoke egg rolls that are rolled by hand daily. They are fresh and crispy with a tasty gooey center.

I finished off with a Jamaican Jerk Chicken taco that was savory and sweet with a low heat that creeped up on me at the back end of the taco.

Sea Level is perfect for an afternoon getaway to grab a bite to eat and take a dip in the half moon shaped sandy beach within arms length.

On a light note, Sea Level will be closing soon for a few months due to a few federal flooding regulations, more details will be given to this story at a later date.  Enjoy the outstanding food and service.