by The Great Foodini

I would just like to start this column out with a huge shout out to all the High School culinary academies that participated in the culinary completion during Chefs of the Coast this past week. Foodini was asked to be a guest judge. St. Martin’s team won the first place prize, but several other schools were nipping at their heels with the amazing dishes created.

The task was simple, but yet hard during the competition. The teams comprised of budding culinary talent created a dish with shrimp and pork loin and incorporated only five ingredients with the dish. The teams had one hour to complete and once the pressure was on, you could tell which teams worked well together and which teams need practice. All in all, it was wonderful to interact with youngsters and see them working toward their dreams.

Now, for a review. If you’ve never had a glass of country girl creamery milk…then you’ve never really tasted milk. There are several types, but the chocolate milk is commonly referred to as liquid gold. The country girl creamery products are an enigma due to the fact that they pop up unexpectedly at the most random places, but when you see the chocolate milk, grab it because it goes fast.

One day I was driving through Wiggins with a friend and decided to stop and check out the butcher block. (future column piece on that later). While we were in there, we saw the country girl creamery cream line milk. My friend and I both grabbed a bottle and headed back onto HWY 49 South. We weren’t even 5 miles out of town when I pulled over onto the shoulder because what I was tasting was so rich and delicious, I wanted to focus on it. So my friend and I, sat there on the side of the road for nearly 15 minutes savoring this milk. My friend looks at me and says “It is like this is the first time I’ve ever tasted milk”.

I encourage everyone who is into milk products from a cow (don’t get me started on almond milk), to call Country Girl Creamery in Lumberton and find out where they sell in your area. You won’t be disappointed.

Side note: Let me get on my soap box for a minute about almond milk. Not all milk is created equal, especially in the almond world. There are some good almond milk products, but there are some bad ones too. Just for example of my disdain for almond milk though, the average serving of cow’s milk has 8G of protein. The average sweetened almond “milk” only has 1G.

For folks who think you can’t get nutrients from cow’s milk like almond milk should consider this:

Three servings of cow milk a day gives you 100% of riboflavin, 45% of Vitamin A, 60% of phosphorus, 35% of B3, half of your daily protein needs, 50% of B5, 50% of Vitamin D and nearly all of your calcium needs. Also, 140% of your B12 needs.