by The Great Foodini

Sometimes It’s not enough to just find good food and good beer. Sometimes I want more. I want to be entertained. Many places accomplish this with snazzy décor or witty waiting staff, but sometimes the whole place is witty. The décor, the staff and the atmosphere and the food come together to create a wonderful experience.

Cypress Taphouse in Ocean Springs checks all those boxes. Just recently I witnessed an event to behold. A drunken spelling bee. I think back to 5th grade when I misspelled the word aloof…yes, I just looked it up to make sure I spelled it right this time. The perfect place to get revenge for having a brain fart and spelling it A L L O O F is here. Grabbing a few beers and hopping up to the mic to show the world that I am indeed smarter than a 5th grader seemed like a good idea, until I realized that I had too many and probably wasn’t in any shape or form to start spelling. To sober up in time for my big comeback, I decided to check out the menu.

This menu has an amazing assortment that I took full advantage of. For small bites, dishes like Korean Beef Egg Rolls or Okra Fries are delicious, but if you need something with a bit more substance, try their pimento cheese burger, Crown Royal BBQ Meatballs or the pulled pork sandwiches.

If you on the healthy side, but like flavor, I suggest the grilled portobello mozzarella or the caprese salad with greens. Until my doctor tells me different, I will stick to classics while here like their muffuletta or the Reuben with a side of ravioli empanadas.

Tap House has an assortment of Naan Bread pizzas as well.

There are weekly events at the Tap House. The staff and management seem to care a lot about the menu, but equally as much, I believe they care about the vibe. Many times, I’ve walked in on Beer and Bingo, indoor corn hole tournaments and much more. There is always something fun to eat here, but equally important there is always something fun to do.