by Hunter Dawkins

With a packed crowd at the historic Randolph Center in Pass Christian, the syndicated-Pulitzer Prize winning, U.S. Presidential scholar Professor Jon Meacham delivered a comical, but thought-provoking lecture on his book, The Soul of America.  This book was chosen by the community for the One Book One Pass novel in discussion throughout the year among separate events.  Additionally, Pass Christian Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott declared Wednesday, October 9 as the Jon Meacham day in the city with the professor given the proclamation before the dialogue,

Dr. Meacham examined the different political approaches throughout the history of America, briefly describing the division of America during many times.  According to the distinguished professor, most of the founding fathers studied under John Witherspoon, a man that was president of Princeton University, who believed in Scottish realism and helping develop the United States character.

Pointing out the importance of the Declaration of Independence and how vital the phrase; “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, was to our democracy, Meacham further expressed the relation of soul to life under biblical terms.

Throughout the discourse, Meacham spoke of former U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, whom he authored a posthumous biography of.  Going through stories about President Herbert Walker Bush, Meacham displayed a true spirit in living the American dream.

Finally, Meacham addressed divisions of the United States through the last few centuries in regards to gender and race relations.  Until all of these individuals are allowed to pursue the declaration of independence phrase, the Soul of America remains hollow.